women hairdresser galway – Revealed By The Experts

Some celebrities just get it right. They have immaculate make-up, stunning clothes and simply amazing hair.

One perfect example is Jennifer Aniston, the former Friends actress, who in the mid to late 90s, managed to become the byword for good hair. The ‘Rachel’ cut became the must-have style of young women everywhere, with many taking their photos of the star into their salons and asking their hairdresser to recreate the style for them.

The results, of course, were mixed, and it’s hard to compete with Jennifer and her team of stylists. But those that managed to pull it off invariably did so by going to a quality stylist.

Nowadays, the likes of Eva Mendes, Rachel McAdams and Katie Perry are sources of inspiration, but the rules still apply – find a great hairdresser and a great style will follow.Get more informations of  women hairdresser galway

If your current stylist doesn’t cut the mustard, let alone the perfect hairstyle, then maybe it’s time to freshen up your look by employing a better stylist.

Here are 5 easy steps to finding the perfect hairdresser…

1) Talk to your friends and ask for their recommendations. If they’ve been going to a salon for years, they must be doing something right. Your friend may even get a discount for referring you, so it’s in their interest to get you introduced.

2) Find out how busy the top stylists are. These are the ones you’ll want to give you that Hollywood hairstyle, so it’s important to know how in-demand they are. Too quiet and they might be doing something wrong.

3) Go along for a consultation. Talk to them about what you want, what you don’t, who’s style you like and whether it’s right for you. The best hairdressers usually offer suggestions or explain what will and won’t be right for you.

4) Ask for a trim first. If you’re nervous about a new stylist, then keep it simple to begin with. Get a greater feel for the place by asking them to give you a trim and see what the results are. If they do well, why not take in a picture of Lady GaGa and see what they can do!

5) Do your research. You can find reviews and ratings on hairdressers in your area on the better local directory sites online. The better informed you are, the more likely you’ll be to make the right decision.